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Canada Legalizing Cannabis

Canada Legalizing Cannabis

Canada last week announced it will be legalizing cannabis from next Spring – George Murkin, of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, says the UK should follow suit


Canada will take more control of the country’s cannabis trade

The Canadian government last week announced that cannabis will be legalized and regulated from spring next year.

George Murkin, of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, says that it’s time the UK followed suit.

Who should control the production and supply of drugs : Governments or gangsters? That’s the choice that politicians face – there’s no third option in which drugs don’t exist. Unlike the UK, Canada has recognized this reality.

The country’s health minister announced last week that the Canadian­ government will bring the cannabis trade under their control, by legalizing and regulating it in spring next year.

The Canadian announcement was made at the most important meeting on drugs for 20 years, at the United Nations in New York.

Unfortunately, despite most experts agreeing that the global drug war – which has raged for more than half a century now – has been a disaster, the meeting mostly reaffirmed the status quo.

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